I'm 32 years old, female and happily married to my lovely wife.

So I am obviously a lesbian. ;)    (For all of you who didn't get it right away ^^)


My hobbies: watching Animes (of course) :) , reading Mangas / novels and .. .. .. going to the cinema, meeting friends and dog sports!


Favorite colour: black or crimson

Favorite animal: dog (because I love them and I've got three cute little doggies :) ) 

Favorite food: spaghetti

Favorite Anime: Mai Hime . . . but i like Strawberry Panic too.

Favorite Movie: Frozen and Maleficent

Favorite month: December...easy because there is my birthday -smile-

I love writing Fanfiction stories for Mai Hime and Frozen!

This is also one of my favorite hobbies. (when I get the time to write that is)